Demand side forecast national economics association

“Until we ‘ve found so far has not been the motive, but he made ??an attempt was attracted to her because as intelligent,” said Demand side forecast national economics association.

Demand side forecast national economics association reveals, kidnapping suspect do this by himself. Courtesy suspect snared with article 328 or Article 330 Penal Code and the Criminal Code penalty of 5 years in prison.

Meanwhile, attracted by Afnan Wati admitted as beautiful and intelligent. Wati then invite Afnan to coax Afnan Cirebon after discovering his mother pretended at the store.

“I love the same children. Was brought to the village would Cirebon, but it turns out my mother’s house had been sold, so I lowered Afnan on the street,”said Wati plain.

House of Golkar Party chief Akbar Tandjung Considerations Addressing the direction in Rapimnas V Golkar. In the sidelines of his speech, Akbar with candaannya work shows that he and Abu Rizal Bakrie – conformists conform.

“One moment I was the same with my photo Pak Ical. At the photo hanging from the side where we see it. On one hand, more handsome Pak Ical, but from the other side I am more handsome,”said Akbar at Hotel JS Luwansa, Jalan Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Friday ( 11/22/2013 ).